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We are a family run business, who specialises in helping people prepare their, or their loved ones, property for sale. We can help you get the best out of your property without losing it’s personality. If you need any help what so ever please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We help you give your house the ‘Wow’ factor and maximise your properties potential without loosing it’s character.

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Linda and Lucy are professional, very discreet, thorough and creative. We found the whole experience refreshing and exciting. Linda first offered us overall advice on how to change rooms that will appeal to prospective buyers. Linda and Lucy then came and helped us de-clutter and add items that enhanced each room. We would highly recommend Linda and Lucy to make a stunning difference. To firstly de-clutter and therefore refresh a home. And then to stage a home to impress for selling. Thank you Linda and Lucy.

Teresa Wellard

This is really good Linda!
The fact that a customer can approach you to upgrade their property with simple tips and a trick of new paint will be so helpful to lots of people!
A fantastic result.

Clare Ellis

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