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  • Spring is sprung …

    Spring is sprung …

    With a gap between Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, I went for a walk to the local coffee shop to take advantage of the clear blue sky.  It’s still cold and there is a definite nip in the air but as I walked home I noticed the crocuses and daffodils … spring is coming.  With…

  • Spruce up dull wooden furniture

    Spruce up dull wooden furniture

    If your rustic wooden furniture is looking worse for wear. Why not oil it? No special equipment needed. I just use vegetable oil as it’s easily and quickly absorbed. Add a little essential oil for for extra touch.

  • How to refresh your candles

    How to refresh your candles

    Most of us have candles in our homes. Did you know to give them a new lease of life? Just wash them and then polish with an old pair of tights (or nylon cloth). Works wonders!

  • Make your microwave sparkle!

    Make your microwave sparkle!

    Tip of the week – easiest, quick way to clean your microwave. Simply put a cup of water with lemon in a cup, then heat it for 4 minutes. Then just wipe down with a damp cloth. For stubborn food remnants simply repeat. Not only will your microwave sparkle it will also smell fresh!

  • Our new best friend

    Our new best friend

    Our new best friend – White vinegar. I’ve used it for years to descale our kettle but never really used it in other parts of the house. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s far cheaper that commercial descalers and far kinder on our hands. Tip – Don’t be tempted to use brown…

  • Importance of storage

    Importance of storage

    Getting a good storage system is invaluable. It makes life so much easier. Initially getting organised may seem involve a lot of hard work but you won’t regret it. Once everywhere has a home though it makes life so much simpler. In the long run saves loads of time whether for every day life or…

  • Pillow talk

    Pillow talk

    Which way round do you place your pillows when making your bed? Personally I always place the tucked in part away from the door (after being drummed into me as a trainee nurse), so when you open and close the door dust wont enter the pillow and the bed looks smart. However I didn’t realise…

  • Dropping your house price?

    Dropping your house price?

    Why are people dropping their house price by £50k+ before they’ve even made every effort possible to present their house nicely? Having just had a quick glance at the property available in our area currently on the market for excess of £750,000, I still can’t believe how poorly presented many of them are! Beds not…

  • How do you choose an Estate Agent?

    How do you choose an Estate Agent?

    This is one of the biggest dilemmas that people struggle with when looking to sell their house. So here’s our top 10 tips…

  • Top 10 things that may put people off when buying your property

    Top 10 things that may put people off when buying your property

    Bad kerb appeal. Some potential buyers may not even consider looking further. A badly presented exterior can devalue a property by 20%. Outdated bathrooms and kitchens. Poor EPC. A badly energy efficient house indicates more expense to the buyer.  Unique decoration. Bright bold colours, dated wallpaper, murals  and carpets. Not everyone has the same taste. Clutter.…