Don’t sell a dirty car … or home

Homes are people’s biggest asset.

You wouldn’t dream of selling a car dirty or broken (unless of course you are offering it at a bargain price). So why do some people expect when selling or renting out their properties it should be any different?

Most people take around 15 seconds to make a lasting impression when it comes to houses. I’m sure all of us, sometime in our lives, have walked into a potential property and wanted to turn around and leave immediately.

So here are our top 5 tips to preparing your house (or even your car) for sale –

1. Make sure it’s clean and sparkles.

2. Paint and freshen up any chipped paint work. Mend anything that’s broken

3. Remove clutter (clear dashboard). Optimise the space – remove excess furniture, ornaments from rooms etc, (cushions, shopping bags etc )

4. Promote its best attributes be it the kitchen, bathroom or built in sat nav.

5. Make it appealing to step inside – sell the lifestyle.