Does your house have kerb appeal?

It’s the first thing anyone sees of your home. First photo seen on marketing material. First thing family and friends see when they come to visit. First impression can make all the difference.

Top 10 tips to ensuring your house has curb appeal.

1. Front garden is well maintained: lawn is cut, hedges trimmed, trees maintained, leaves swept and the flower beds weeded and new bedding plants planted if required. Paying special attention to any plants that prevent light getting into the house.

2. Decluttering: If looking to sell your property remove any unsubtle garden ornaments. Tidy away toys, bikes, trainers etc. Tuck refuge bins out of sight.

3. Driveways and Paths: Cleared and cleaned. Remove any stains. If you have a buyer coming around move excess cars to showcase the size of your drive is you can.

4. Gutters: Ensure that they are cleared. No one wants to see water pouring down if visiting in the rain.

5. Building maintained: paying special attention to Roof, soffits, garage, broken gutters, window sills and frames and general exterior of the house. Peeling paintwork is going to put anyone off before they have even walked into your home.

6. Front door: There’s nothing like a bright or well polished front door to welcome people into your home.

7. Windows:Ensure freshly cleaned, gives an extra sparkle to your home.

8. Plant pots/hanging baskets: Easy to maintain and can give your house an instant ‘pop’ of colour.

9. Number/name sign: Always make sure the name and/or number of your house is easily seen. Nothing more frustration of not being able to find you!!!

10. And last but not least..The door bell. Ensure it’s in good working order. No one likes being left standing on the door step trying to make themselves heard.