Dropping your house price?

Why are people dropping their house price by £50k+ before they’ve even made every effort possible to present their house nicely? Having just had a quick glance at the property available in our area currently on the market for excess of £750,000, I still can’t believe how poorly presented many of them are! Beds not.

How do you choose an Estate Agent?

This is one of the biggest dilemmas that people struggle with when looking to sell their house.

So here’s our top 10 tips…

Top 10 things that may put people off when buying your property

Bad kerb appeal. Some potential buyers may not even consider looking further. A badly presented exterior can devalue a property by 20%. Outdated bathrooms and kitchens. Poor EPC. A badly energy efficient house indicates more expense to the buyer.  Unique decoration. Bright bold colours, dated wallpaper, murals  and carpets. Not everyone has the same taste. Clutter..

To replace or not to replace?

Do the Maths! One of the most common questions we get from clients looking to put their house on the market is “Do we or do we not replace the kitchen or/and bathroom?” Kitchens and bathrooms are one of the main features everyone looks at when buying a new home.  At end of the day.

Does your house have kerb appeal?

It’s the first thing anyone sees of your home. First photo seen on marketing material. First thing family and friends see when they come to visit. First impression can make all the difference. Top 10 tips to ensuring your house has curb appeal. 1. Front garden is well maintained: lawn is cut, hedges trimmed, trees.

Don’t sell a dirty car … or home

Homes are people’s biggest asset. You wouldn’t dream of selling a car dirty or broken (unless of course you are offering it at a bargain price). So why do some people expect when selling or renting out their properties it should be any different? Most people take around 15 seconds to make a lasting impression.